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Natural Grief Walks

What are Grief Socials?

Throughout the year we run local support groups to give people who have experienced bereavement and loss opportunities to meet and be with others outside and experience the healing powers of the natural environment. These are not therapy groups and each project aims to encourage social inclusion, peer support and friendships with others. 

Bereavement is an isolating experience for many and joining a local support group can be an important step to find new connections and regain confidence. 

The bereaved people who might benefit most from these activities are those living with moderate anxiety and/or moderate depression and also commonly those living in isolation. 

Natural Grief Walks on Hampstead Heath

The impact walking can have on mental health has been well researched. Through talking to our clients, we know walking and being in nature can be valuable in coping with grief after bereavement.

Natural Grief Walk Groups run for five weeks and participants meet weekly for a two-hour-walk on Hampstead Heath.


Registration for our Winter Walks Group

is now closed. 

We are planning our next group for Spring 2024. 

May/June - Wednesday, 6 pm to 8 pm 

Start date TBC

Image by Hipses

What our participants have said:

"The most important positive of the group is that you only share what you wish to share.

No one is forcing you to speak should you not want to."

How to find us

Who is the group for?

This group is for people who experienced a bereavement more than 12 months ago.

If your bereavement was less than 12 months ago, it may be too soon to join this group and individual counselling may be more suitable. Please contact our office if you have questions or would like to find out more. 

How much does it cost to join a group?

Our group projects are currently fully funded and participation is free of charge.

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