Support Groups


Throughout the year we run local support groups to give people who have experienced bereavement and loss opportunities to meet and be with others outside and experience the healing powers of the natural environment. These are not therapy groups and each project aims to encourage social inclusion, peer support and friendships with others. 

Bereavement is an isolating experience for many and joining a local support group can be an important step to find new connections and regain confidence. 

Natural Grief Walks 
on Hampstead Heath

Image by Hipses

The impact walking can have on mental health has been well researched. Through talking to our clients, we know walking and being in nature can be valuable in coping with grief after bereavement.

Natural Grief Walk Groups run for six weeks and participants meet weekly for a two-hour-walk on Hampstead Heath.


The starting dates of the next groups are:

Autumn - Saturday mornings

29 October to 3 December 2022

9.30 am to 11.30 am

Winter - Friday mornings

27 January to 3 March 2023

10 am to 12 noon

Growing through

Grief Gardening

Image by Sandie Clarke

The Growing through Grief Gardening group is run in collaboration with a local city farm. The group meets weekly for three hours to promote confidence and community interaction, through planting and nurturing plants and vegetables. 

The group is ongoing. To find out more, please use the registration link at the bottom of this page. 

Farm 1.jpg

How much does it cost to join a group?

Our group projects are fully funded and participation is free of charge.

Are you interested in joining one of our groups?

Prior registration is necessary to join the groups. Please click here to register